Who we are

Equipped Women Means Thriving Communites, Families, and Businesses.

We believe the word empowerment is more than a “buzz” word.. We embody the word by equipping women with a community or support spiritually, personally, and professionally. 


From Dream to Reality: Steadfast Obedience and the Birth of The BE Hive

When 139 Olive became a dream come true, it was a divine journey, guided by faith and conviction. Ashley was led by the holy spirit to purchase this building while unsure the true vision that would unfold.  As renovations commenced, she received further divine instruction: 139 Olive was to be more than just a building—it was destined to become a women’s hub and incubator. Despite not having a clear plan at the outset, Ashley continued to walk in faith, confident that the vision would come forward in due time.

It certainly did. “The BE Hive.” was birthed with an ambitious vision: to create an entrepreneurial center that mirrored her own journey of growth. A place where women could find not only educational support and resources but also a community of kindred spirits—women who could freely express themselves while nurturing their personal and professional connections. 

Remaining true to her calling, Ashley made membership to The BE Hive completely free—a bold move aimed at removing barriers for women embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys. Additionally, she structured the model to offer affordable opportunities for women to invest in premium workshops and events as needed. This unique approach was to foster a hive mindset, where women come together to create a supportive ecosystem. 

At The BE Hive, when you invest in your business with our premium workshops, it means supporting another woman’s venture—a beautiful cycle of empowerment and collaboration while bring a plethora of expertises to our hive. 

Here, every woman’s journey is celebrated, and every success is shared. Inspired by faith and driven by a passion for community and empowerment, The BE Hive stands as a testament to the transformative power of belief, resilience, obedience, followed by kingdom principles that produce the honey and sweetness life and business should produce. 

Building A Community, Business, & Life based on Kingdom Principles

We embody these core values at our hive to create a vibrant and empowering environment where women are equipped, supported, and encouraged to pursue their passions, fulfill their purpose, and make a positive impact in the world, guided by kingdom principles.


Community is the heartbeat of the women's hub. It's about creating a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support among its members. This involves fostering meaningful connections, providing a safe space for open dialogue and sharing, and organizing events and activities that strengthen bonds within the community.


Collaboration emphasizes the power of unity and teamwork. It's about recognizing that we are stronger together and fostering an environment where women support and uplift each other. Through collaboration, the women's hub can encourage networking, partnership opportunities, and the sharing of resources and expertise for mutual growth and success.


Integrity serves as the moral compass of the women's hub. It's about upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions and endeavors. This core value emphasizes the importance of integrity in business practices, decision-making processes, and relationships within the community.


Celebration is about recognizing and honoring achievements, milestones, and successes. It's about fostering a culture of gratitude, joy, and appreciation within the community. The women's hub can celebrate individual accomplishments, as well as collective victories, through recognition, events, and communal gatherings that uplift and inspire.


Innovation is about embracing creativity and forward thinking. It's about encouraging women to think outside the box, pursue new ideas, and challenge the status quo. The women's hub can foster innovation by providing platforms for brainstorming, problem-solving, and exploring entrepreneurial ventures that align with kingdom principles.


Resourcefulness emphasizes the ability to make the most of available resources and opportunities. It's about empowering women to overcome challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and thrive in both personal and professional pursuits. The women's hub can cultivate resourcefulness through skill-building workshops, financial literacy programs, and mentorship initiatives.


This core value embodies the commitment to enriching the lives of women holistically - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's about providing resources, knowledge, and experiences that empower women to grow personally and professionally. This could include workshops, mentorship programs, spiritual guidance, and opportunities for personal development.

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Our Hive has many resources and a community that will help you thrive. Join our premium workshops, events, and meetups that will help you develop personally and professionally. 

Our premium workshops and events are led by leaders and experts in their fields. Our events and workshops are designed by women and led by women. 

from one on one consulting to group trainings, we offer a range of options to meet your needs when you are ready to invest in your business and growth. Taking your business to new heights. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”